24 September 2007

Usmanov update 2

This comes from ChickYog again, whose blog now seems to be a hub of information relating to the story. Keep checking it.

(PARAGRAPH EDITED 2000 hrs, 25.09) The current list of bloggers covering this is now at the latest Usmanov update, and don't forget to check the links at the top of the page.

Bob Piper, whose site was caught in the crossfire,is back up and running.

Matt Wardman writes:

Needless to say, all the offending articles that Mr Usmanov and Schillings have attempted to remove from public view are available in the Google Cache. And you can find them by using the search term “schillings“.

As far as I can tell Schillings’ own website does not feature in the top 100 results for either Google UK or google.com, except for the “sponsored” link which everyone ignores.

Perhaps they may need a Search Engine Optimisation Consultant as well as a Public Relations Consultant.

I can recommend a good one.

His name is Tim Ireland, and he runs a website called Bloggerheads when it has not been bullied off the air.'

While from Tim Ireland himself, and Clive Summerfield, another casualty, we have this interim statement, published today:

We’d like to thank you all for your support and let you all know just what the hell has been going on, but we beg your patience as we continue with the practical measures required before we can fully and confidently speak our minds about this matter.

Our immediate priority is the restoration of the websites involved; this has been greatly complicated by the sudden closure of the entire account (as opposed to, say, the suspension or closure of the two websites directly involved in the Usmanov dispute). This total - and totally unexpected - withdrawal of service requires us to restore many websites with differing individual circumstances and formats. The removal of email used for the majority of these accounts has also further complicated matters, as the most immediate form of communication between many of the parties involved is no longer available.

Bob Piper is already back on deck, and we expect Boris Johnson’s weblog to be up and running shortly. Special arrangements are being made for Craig Murray as we speak.

A full statement is likely to follow the restoration of Bloggerheads and/or The UK Today, as it is at one of these websites that we would wish to host a full statement and manage the expected response.

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