18 September 2007

In a rare spell of bickering between myself and Kez, we find ourselves in disagreement over whether or not Andy Kerr has been demoted in his move to Shadow Public Services Secretary. The last time we argued over something in public was, I believe, over the number of SNP Councillors in Edinburgh, much to the amusement of the then Edinburgh University Students' Association Vice-President (Academic Affairs), Sabrina Russo, who if I remember correctly, witnessed the two of us stick to our guns then make a dash for a computer to check that we were right.

Anyway, in what has to be a first, it turns out I'm on the same side as the Daily Record:

"Another former cabinet stalwart, East Kilbride MSP Andy Kerr, was demoted from health spokesman to spokesman for public services."

Politics makes for strange bedfellows, indeed.

Though just in case I'm wrong, and Kerr enjoys a higher public profile than I anticipated, let me inform Kez that the lunch I wagered will consist of a Greggs pasty, a packet of crisps (your choice of flavour), and a small carton of drink.


Kezia Dugdale said...

I have no idea who was proved right about the number of SNP Councillors in the end!

- I'm pretty sure this was all pre Cardownie and the answer was zero but not idea who was arguing what! That's funny.

I'd rather have a fun size milk if that's ok?

julie said...

Buy two pasties and then you could throw a party, Will ;)

I don't think Andy Kerr is finished. i think he's letting someone else lead the party while it's in the wilderness and he'll come forward when it gets nearer the next holyrood election.

A glass of shiraz for that insight please Will; alternatively a Qwenchy Cup would do nicely..

Ted Harvey said...

Just testing to see if I succeed on getting on here... I made two attempts at a lengthy posting on the origiagl 'Wendy's Cabinet ' thread, but it never did appear?