17 August 2007

Midsocket & Rosemount Result

First preference votes:

John Corall (SNP): 873 (29.53%, up 3.18% on the SNP share in May, Elected at Stage 5)
Fraser Forsyth (Con): 821 (27.77%, up 0.10%, defeated at Stage 5)
Steve Delaney (LibDem): 693 (23.44%, up 1.35%, excluded at Stage 4)
Allan McIntosh (Lab): 518 (17.52%, down 3.54%, excluded at Stage 3)
Stephen Hadden (Sol): 31 (1.05%, excluded at Stage 2)
Dennis Grattan (Ind): 20 (0.68%, excluded at Stage 1)

SNP gain from Conservatives

So my initial prediction about this being a toss-up between the SNP and the LibDems didn't quite come true, nor did my hunch about the late Councillor Porter's personal vote: though turnout was down, the Tory share of the vote held up. However, a look at the transfers does show that this is where the Conservatives suffered. Grattan saw 4 of his votes transferred to former Councillor Delaney, versus four to Forsyth (the other candidates each got two, and three votes were not transferred). Hadden's votes predictably went to everyone but the Tories (10 SNP transfers, 9 Labour, 8 LibDem transfers), and when the Labour candidate was eliminated, the Tory came a very distant third in transfers. However, he was saved by his strong first preference showing... something Steve Delaney didn't enjoy.

Nevertheless, it's the SNP that carry the day, and now have an extra Councillor in Aberdeen.

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