10 August 2007

But some things can wake you up

(This post was almost called "**** me rapid!")

The SNP on 48%?! Whoa. The SNP 16 points ahead of Labour?! Yikes. The LibDems and Tories on 8% each?! Wow!


Firstly, this asks about Holyrood, so everyone who is trying to divine the outcome of a Westminster Election on these figures, stop. There is no point.

Secondly, either the Daily Mail or Scottish Opinion have forgotten how the Holyrood voting system works. They have neglected to ask who voters would support in the Constuencies, or who they'd back on the Regional List.

Basically, this is a good poll to look at if you're a supporter of the SNP. It is a good indicator of reaction to the new SNP Government, with 40% of those polled expressing satifaction to some degree with the SNP, and only 12% voicing dissatisfaction. 25% expressed indifference, and 23% voiced uncertainty and/or ignorance.

But it does not, I repeat, does not, make a good signpost for the outcome of any election.

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Graf von Straf Hindenburg said...

I've noticed this tendency of yours, J. Arthur, to post on Scottish matters and psot considerably. Is it catching because I've seen the same thing with Flying Rodent, Reactionary Snob, David Farrer and Mr. Eugenides. Strange.