12 August 2007

As always on a Sunday, it's Roundup time, with Duncan in the hot seat this time. I'm in the hotseat next week, so don't forget to leave your suggestions either on the form or at scottishroundup [at] gmail dot com. Or you can just leave me a line directly.

Oh, and yes, I've updated the blogroll again. Following concerns that I may be turning into a Cyberman, I've held off on any further deletions, which wasn't a tough decision as I wasn't planning on making any this week, and I'll probably leave it now until the Great Christmas Rejig. But you'll notice that I've found a few Labour blogs this time, which means that alongside the small army of SNP bloggers that I'm linking to, there's also a handful of Tory and Labour blogs on there, though more are always welcome. But I'm still short of LibDem bloggers so if I'm missing any current blogs out that you know of, again, pass the message on.

1 comment:

julie said...

I meant it in a nice way Will. Cybermen are so attractive; the deep throated voice, the shiny steel..

Do I get off for not posting for 2 days?