02 July 2007


A website has been set up to pay tribute to a legend in our lifetime, the one, the only John Smeaton, or as he should now be called, the New Guardian of Scotland.

I've never made a post like this on here, and maybe I'm just attracted to the kind of guy who can adminster a can of whoopass to terrorists, but if he were, I would.

Incidentally, I was going to phrase that in an altogether smuttier fashion. Aren't you glad that I didn't?


Il grande chef said...

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Mr Eugenides said...

I didn't reckon on your perversity when I posted about him, MacNumpty... ;-)

james higham said...

Actually, I'd rather like to see you do that.

Will said...

Grande Chef - Alas, I do not have a nice keyring.

Eugenides - We all have our vices, and one of mine happens to be drooling over men who can smite terrorists. :D

James - you asked for this, if anyone has nightmares as a result of this comment, I shall inform them to direct their complaints to you...

"He can drive his Jeep into my departure lounge any day of the week!"

It's official. I've turned into Glenda Slagg.