29 July 2007

Normally, vultures wait until the carcass is dead

Well, Jack McConnell's departure has been announced by everyone except the man himself, so with there technically being no vacancy, and no contest, Wendy Alexander has done rather well and picked up an endorsement, in Sam Galbraith, the former Education Minister. Galbraith did, of course, preside over the SQA Exam Results Fiasco of 2000, and it was McConnell who cleaned up the mess when he took over as Education Minister, after Galbraith got re-shuffled out of trouble by Henry McLeish and named Environment Minister.

So given that McConnell's tenure as Education Minister was far more successful than Galbraith's, it's a bit surprising that he would criticise McConnell's legacy: "Town hall municipalism brought to Holyrood. People can take that how they like. In my case it's an insult."

Miaow! Is that Wendy's thinking? If so, I wonder if her election agent, a certain Terry Kelly, knows about this? Perhaps that might explain why he didn't actually vote for her in May, but in any case, for Wendy to be endorsed by the man whose time in office was a bit of a fiasco, and before there's a contest, and for the endorsement to come with a bitchy comment about the incumbent, won't go down well.

Get the popcorn, folks, this is going to be fun!

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