23 June 2007

The crowded Socialist marketplace

The Herald informs us that the pact between Respect and Solidarity, that Scotland was Solidarity's turf and Respect would not cross the border, has expired. This might not necessarily lead to Respect candidates being fielded in Scotland immediately, but the fact is that this represents the fourth Socialist party to organise in Scotland.

Have these people learned nothing? The Solidarity-SSP split deprived the Left of a seat in Glasgow and a unified, single party would probably have attracted more support than the two split parties did, as it would have made a more attractive proposition. Galloway's Respect would have to compete with three parties, who between them took less than 3% of the Regional Vote in May. Solidarity is the strongest of these, woth 1.5% of the vote, Tommy Sheridan and a Councillor in Glasgow. But Solidarity is supported by the SWP, who have backed Respect in England. If they switch, Sheridan is in trouble. Then there's the rump of the SSP, who at least have the saving grace of a Councillor in West Dunbartonshire, and the Arthur Scargill personality cult, the Socialist Labour Party, which will die when he does. Now we can add George Galloway to the mix.

Four parties, fighting for three percent of the vote. I know they don't like market economics all that much, but really, common sense has to kick in sooner or later.

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Anonymous said...

I thought RESPECT were more of a krypto-islamist party than a socialist party...