09 May 2007

Yes, it's really Wednesday

And we don't have a Presiding Officer. George Reid is coming back to sort things out on Monday. Lucky him. The MSPs have been sworn in though.

We do know who's on the Parliamentary Bureau, at least for now, even if it doesn't have anyone to chair it. SNP Chief Whip Alasdair Morgan will represent the SNP; Labour's Deputy Leader and incumbent Minister for Justice Cathy Jamieson will have a seat, rather than the incumbent Minister for Parliament, Margaret Curran's Hands. The Tories will be represented by former Leader David McLetchie, while LibDem Deputy Leader and incumbent Transport Minister Tavish Scott will complete the line-up, chiefly as the LibDems' current representative, George Lyon, was defeated in Argyll & Bute by Jim Mather. It also looks as though Morgan and Scott's appointments are temporary. Jamieson's appointment is probably temporary as well: it gives a hint that McConnell is re-shuffling his front-bench team, but we don't know at this stage how long he'll stay as Labour leader. If and when (and at this stage it's still a matter of if) Alex Salmond is elected First Minister, then McConnell can expect to find 45 knives plunged into his back.

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