06 April 2007

More on Mev

From Mev Brown's Save Monklands A&E Website, which seems to be all about him even though he's not the candidate in Central Scotland, where the hospital is, and where, I reckon, most of the patients are:

"I left St Andrews in 1980 to study computer science at Napier then joined Ferranti Defence Systems (now part of BAe). For much of the 90’s, I worked in recruitment, mainly working with nurses, occupational & physical therapists."

From the page about Brown on the NHSFirst website:

"I moved from St Andrews to Edinburgh in 1980 and joined Ferranti Defence Systems (now BAe Systems) after graduating from Napier University with a Diploma in Computer Science. He then worked for many years as a recruitment consultant, specialising in international recruitment, and the legal and accountancy professions."

Leaving aside the shift from first to third person, why do people concerned about Monklands hear that he found jobs for nurses and so on, while anyone interested in his party hears that he found jobs for lawyers and accountants?

What exactly is going on?!


Richard Havers said...

What's going on?

He's a politician and therefore he has learned the art of speaking out of both sides of his mouth - simultaneously.

Will said...

Well, that's true, but you'd think that if a politico (and Brown still denies being one, despite the evidence to the contrary!) wanted to tell you his life story, he'd make sure he told people the same one.

I mean, it's easy to assume that all politicians are lying swines, but when they don't even check their story when they publish it twice (all he needed to do was copy and paste), you have to wonder what they're thinking.

And while I think about it, seeing as he's trumpeting the NHS, why didn't he put the 'nurses' line on the NHSFirst website as well? It would have made so much more sense than saying, 'I tried to find jobs for accountants'!