13 March 2007

West Dunbartonshire again

Via Grant, we learn that Martin Rooney has indeed been deposed with a month and a half to go until the Election.

It seems a bit pointless, but it's a mark of how the Labour group there has imploded, with ex-Labour and rebel Labour Councillors co-operating with the SNP - how often does THAT happen?! - to get rid of Rooney and replace him with Denis Agnew, a former Labour Councillor.

In my post about the Tories, I said how Labour's bloggers were on-message. Seems that's not the case in local government!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe its because he didnt know who his grandmother was.

Or he couldn't tie a bow.

Or he didn't know whether he was 2 and a half. Or he walked like a penguin.

Know what I mean, brothers?