05 March 2007

Terrywatch has a new home

Rather than post it all here (this blog is not about TelKel, really, it isn't), I'm going to stick my posts on the new TerryWatch blog, and just flag them up here.

I especially want to flag up today's effort: we all know what I think of his claim that he cares for the LGBT Community (he doesn't, he just wants to use us as a party political chew-toy), and he today asserted that he highlights cases of homophobic bigotry where appropriate. Turns out he's missed rather a big one.

The lying, hypocritical c**t.


Smell The Coffee! said...

Oh dear, you REALLY believe that Peter Tatchell left Labour because they weren't doing enough for gay rights?

You SERIOUSLY believe that?

And that he immediately joined the Green Party because it was SO much better? The same Green Party he'd turned his nose up to for quarter of a century?

Ah, but the same Green Party whose candidate had finished second in Brighton at the last General Election thanks to the Pink vote!

Not that anyone's accusing Peter Tatchell of being an opportunistic carpetbagging little gobsh*te, of course!

Will said...

Um, Smell the Coffee, you'll notice that I had nothing to do with the post in question.

Frankly, I think Peter Tatchell's a sanctimonious little git whose continual bleating is probably doing LGBT rights more harm than good.

All the same, that the SNP gets a quasi-endorsement (though it's not saying much) from Tatchell does blow Kelly's crowing out of the water.