28 February 2007

There IS such a thing as a free lunch!

Turns out that Renfrewshire Councillors have the uncanny ability to be in two places at once: four of their number have been claiming free meals at Council HQ while the building was closed, or they were known to be elsewhere. This is now in the hands of the procurator fiscal, who will be treating as a criminal matter rather than anything from The X-Files.

Curiously enough, Clairwil - fast becoming a friend of this blog - has spotted this comment by everyone's favourite Renfrewshire Councillor, Terry Kelly: "Having been involved in corrupt Labour politics for 40 yrs. I'm already rich, I don't need the money I've stolen enough, so I'm retiring, now crawl back under your stone."

Now, she has asked TelKel what he thinks of the current situation. (I should point out that we don't know whether or not he actually is one of the four, but the blogosphere's money seems to be on him not being involved)

In his own style, Terry has accused her of false anger again. The amusing thing is that this little exchange has come in the comments section of his post accusing the SNP of the same in response to Jamie Stone's outburst at the LibDem Conference.

The ironic thing is that he loves to throw this term about, but the only way he seems to fight against discrimination on his blog (he claims to oppose discrimination, remember) is to accuse other political parties - the SNP especially - of every '-ism' and '-phobia' he can think of. So to accuse others of false anger seems as rich as a Renfrewshire Councillor's diet!

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scotto voce said...

and what are the views of exec minister hugh henry, MSP wendy alexander and westminster minister douglas alexander on the events in their own backyard? As I recall, it was the proximity of Labour leader John Smith and shadow scottish sec. Tom Clarke to the Monklands scandal in the early 90s which made it a story. This one ought to run and run......