04 February 2007

Terrywatch Update

Seems TerryWatch has caught on: a number of bloggers now seem to be performing their own version of it, possibly due to the fact that Clairwil's Inbox has reached critical mass with the number of stories reaching her. It's ironic, really, TelKel continually refers to a (non-existent) conspiracy of people out to get him and it's this continual ranting that has now led a number of bloggers (this one included) to launch into vitriolic posts and the formation of TerryWatch. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Anyway, I'm aiming to keep TerryWatch as a relatively minor component of the blog, something to entertain me on a slow day, as I have better things to do than stalk members of Renfrewshire Council. Though I was interested in his latest post where he accused bloggers of being in the poison pen brigade, and suggested that were it not for blogging, crime figures would be higher. Nor does he like the fact that blogging has enabled people to gain an extra forum to put their views across (not noticing the irony that he is one of those people, and remember, he already has the Council Chamber). Anyway, he says for us all to try googling 'Cllr. Terry Kelly'. Well, a good idea is a good idea...

The first link is to his old website, which links to his blog. The second links directly to his blog. The next to his information page on Renfrewshire Council. The next one links to one of his run-ins with the Standards Commission, following which he was censured after referring to SNP Councillors in rural areas as 'village idiots'. There's also an extra one, which shows that he's been hauled in front of them quite a bit for breaches under the 'Leadership' and 'Respect' parts of the Code of Conduct. Well, unless the Standards Commission is full of the dangerous criminal types he's worried about, I wouldn't want to advertise that if I were him.

Google 'Councillor Terry Kelly' and you get another link from the Standards Commission, in which he was banned from Council activities for six weeks when: "at the end of the meeting, Councillor Kelly approached the principal complainant, Mr Patrick, in a threatening and intimidating manner; and that his conduct, including language, towards Mr Patrick was inappropriate, improper and unacceptable..." and was apparently fortunate not to receive a longer suspension.

It is alleged that 'Councillor Kelly then, as he left the Chamber, approached Mr Patrick in a threatening manner, put his face approximately half an inch from Mr Patrick's and said "Who the f*** are you?" Mr Patrick replied "Why, who are you?" Councillor Kelly then said "Do you think you're a hard man?" to which Mr Patrick replied "No I don't". Mr Patrick says that he remained seated and Councillor Kelly continued to stand over him in a threatening manner with his face still to Mr Patrick's apparently expecting some kind of response. At this point witnesses intervened and Councillor Kelly left the Chamber.' Now, it should be noted that a number of witnesses dispute hte facts, on partisan lines, with Labour members saying that Kelly went over to Patrick but didn't swear (they have Patrick, an SSP activist as a rabble-rouser), and SNP & SSP members saying that Patrick was complaining loudly about Renfrewshire Council and that Kelly launched into a vicious tirade against him. Either way, the investigator ruled that Kelly did swear at Patrick, and Kelly himself admitted that he shouldn't have gone over to him.

Like I say, if Kelly wants to remind people of this sorry episode, by asking people to Google him, then that's fine. Indeed, I'll help spread the word!


Clairwil said...

Great stuff. Every time I think of how he has managed to will a left-right-nationalist-giant lizard conspiracy into being simply by talking nonsense I laugh myself silly. Who says Scottish blogs have no influence?

I certainly intend to do a monthly/major incident update but like you, I want things to get back to normal. I've even ended writing about a pie factory in an effort to change the subject. What I do hope to see is lots more people joining in so that his blog is under constant scrutiny without the burden being placed on one person or my poor inbox. Mind you I would love to see the look on his face next time he googles himself.

The next Terry Watch is forming in my mind and will contain a wee surprise for Rayleen!

I must say though I do admire the commitment and staying power of anyone who can manage a one subject blog, this week has taught me that it is an awful strain. And to think I'm meant to be avoiding stress just now!

Let's just keep him blogging between now and May and hope for the best.

Will said...

Maybe this'll teach him to Google himself before he asks other people to Google him.

To be honest, the only reason I decided to give into temptation and do the update was because I'd just done another rant on equality and I needed a little light relief.

I'm gonna lay off Rayleen for the moment, though... she hasn't done anything to annoy me yet so I'm gonna ignore her.

Seems the Kellys take the weekend off from the world of blogging though, so I'm looking forward to them switching on their PCs on Monday. I left him a brief guide to my use (and non-use) of rhetorical questions on Friday. Let's watch what happens!

Clairwil said...

I have nothing against Rayleen as such. I just saw echos of her old man's behaviour in her actions over a certain issue (a local one). I've nothing personal against Terry either, well not that much, it's more a horror at the Labour establishment than anything else. Rayleen will be a postscript for the moment, she doesn't warrant a 'watch' yet.

Anonymous said...

Ah Cllr Terry Kelly. I`m biased against from the off really but I did try my best in the past to actually have some form of constructive debate with him but gave up quickly.

Is he standing for re-election in May? He wouldn`t answer me when I asked.

Will said...

Yes, I saw that exchange and so I reckoned that there wasn't much point in asking him that question. If there's any sense (or alternative candidates) in the Renfrewshire Labour Party, then they'll suggest he make way.

Like you've said, and like Mark said once, reasoned debate won't get anywhere with him. And even when you ask him a direct question, you get an exchange like this:

Me: What's different between the synthetic rage you accuse Clairwil of showing on behalf of the mentally ill and the rage you display 'on behalf of' the gay community?
TelKel: That's a rhetorical question.
Me: No, it isn't. Can I have an answer, please?
TelKel: I know that was a rhetorical question, I don't duck real ones.
Me: Well my question isn't rhetorical, and seeing as you claim not to duck real questions I expect an answer.
At which point TelKel refuses to let the question through.

Yet he says: "So you want to follow me all the way to the election? bring it on, we can 'rant' at each other..."

A bit hard to do that when he won't publish a clear direct question.

Anonymous said...

All very entertaining , nearly as funny as Family Guy.

Rayleen , what a name !what a gal! has gone back to her trailer.

Will said...

Well, it may not be as funny, but there is the same surrealism there.

Having said that, Rayleen isn't fair game as far as I'm concerned: her name certainly isn't a legitimate target (A friend of mine's name was completely made up by her parents, who wanted something unique for her) and as yet, well, she doesn't appear to have brought much to blogging. Her posts don't seem as informative as Stewart Stevenson, Andrew Burns or Fraser Macpherson, and they don't get people as revved up as her father, whose posts do at least get people talking about him. Even if nothing we say is complimentary.

So I don't really see what we can legitimately level against Rayleen (though I'll admit, I'm curious about the local issue) at this time other than a charge of having very little impact on Scottish blogging. Which, as charges go, isn't all that big a deal.

Like Clairwil says, there isn't much call for a 'Rayleenwatch' just now.

Reactionary Snob said...

Yes - he is a bona fide plank. I will link to your site when I work out how to install blogrolling.

I'm a better advocate than I am blogger - I promise.