18 February 2007

By the way...

I've gone on one of my (not as regular as they should be) blogtrawls, and unearthed a few gems: Jamie Hepburn's blog 520 votes (that's the majority he's looking to overturn to become MSP for Cumbernauld and Kilsyth), and his wife Julie's effort, Bid For Freedom, a title which when ought to give Jamie some concern! A guide to tactical voting for SNP supporters and Ewan Watt's efforts make it on there, and the new 'Unearthed' line-up is completed by Scotswahey and Campaigning for Health, a blog by Julie McAnulty, who is standing as an independent campaigner in Coatbridge and Chryston, as I flagged up all the way back in September, much to the chagrin of someone who signed in as 'Smell the Coffee'.

I've also corrected a long-standing error, and put two venerable institutions straight into my main blogroll: Kirk Elder and Shuggy.

Anyway, with the election approaching, there'll be more out there and I won't spot all of it. I'm especially conscious that my blogroll seems a bit politically skewed of late and I'd like to redress the balance slightly. But whatever your political persuasion, if you have a Scottish political blog out there, drop me a line and I'll take a look at it.

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Reactionary Snob said...

By the way, it is true that Lord Sempill is no longer standing.