12 January 2007

Press Officers - the reporting type

I thought I'd quote this story from Scottish Political News - it seems that an Executive Press Officer decided to broadcast her life story on a crowded train, unaware that other people might actually hear what she was saying. The old axiom, 'With friends like these...' springs to mind:

What I will tell you is her thoughts about the election. It seems that right at the heart of the Executive even the spin meisters themselves have doubts that Jack will hang in there. Apparently they are already being mega careful about being on-message for Executive policy rather than espousing Labour or Liberal propoganda. Makes you ask, were civil servants previously getting paid to promote party lines-to-take? This press officer was certainly all set for a change of government and was just glad that her job didn't rely too much on which party was in power.

I agree with SPN's conclusions: when your press officer starts planning for a new boss, you're in trouble.

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