22 January 2007

I gotta get outta this place

There's a rammy brewing about how effectively Scotland's interests are being served in the EU by the UK Government (not very, it seems), the main parties are still in a State of Handbags about tax policy, Labour are trying to claim that the SNP's Trident Toll is illegal (rather than have a debate about Trident, which I think is the point of the policy), Ming Campbell has flattened the possibility of the LibDems propping up the SNP (apparently) and the Tories, well, the Tories are in the midst of their impression of a submarine and appear to have gone back under the water after surfacing briefly. Oh, and the delightful Clairwil is the latest to try and apply logic in a dimension of space where the Normal Laws of Just About Anything don't seem to kick in.

I'm running away to join the circus. Actually, no, I'm off to France again, this time to take part in a conference on Young People in Rural Areas. I'll be back at the weekend, when I will gird my loins and rejoin the cavalcade of whimsy that is Scottish political blogging. Or I'll take one look at what's going on and see if there's another conference that I can go to somewhere else in Europe next week.

While I'm away, enter Richard Thomson's 'Song For Jack' Competition, or weep as a teetotaller wins a bottle of champagne by default!

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