22 December 2006

The MacNumpty Award Winners

Best Performance - Angus MacNeil MP

This award goes to Angus MacNeil, in a tight contest which saw Mohammed Sarwar and Independence First come close. When I suggested him, I made note of his role in the 'Cash for Honours' saga, and he's been described as an 'absolute hero' who has 'shown just what an individual parliamentarian can do in a very short period of time'. He's clearly impressed but he'll have to work hard (and be immensely lucky) to keep up the current standard.

Worst Performance - Colin Fox MSP

Colin Fox was winner (or should that be loser?) of this category. I cited his poor handling of the Sheridan affair. His other critics see him as a 'vote loser' who 'presided over the collapse of the Scottish Left when they were looking like becoming a real force' and 'set them back years'. If his campaign for next year consists of prancing around Glasgow in a Robin Hood costume again then the last few activists who are still in the SSP may as well pack up and go home.

The Comical Ali Award for Daftest Statement/Notion - Nicol Stephen MSP

Stephen gets this for his continued insistence that he will be First Minister after the May election, a notion that he himself managed to blow out of the water when he got drawn into the row over whether or not Labour should seek LibDem support for a third time. He was described as a 'non-entity that shouldn't be his party's leader, never mind FM', his comments were described as 'absolutely laughable' and he was advised to 'stop living in lala land'. This was even described as 'the only poll he can expect to win' by Scott2006. I'll be asking for Scott's lottery number predictions later on.

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