28 December 2006


Turns out I was on Radio Scotland this morning, discussing the state of Scottish blogging (the interview had been prepared before Christmas). It also turns out that I clearly need elocution lessons and a good voice coach. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

And in case anybody else missed it like Will did, click here to listen to his dulcet tones muse on Scottish political blogging:

Will said...

I would be far more willing to link to the broadcast if I didn't sound so much like Alan Bennett on it. :D

I should have said something like, 'Not seeing a chair handy, Elizabeth Taylor perched briefly on my knee. As this was for me such an atypical situation, I find myself wondering whether I am recalling it correctly...'

Of course, Alan Bennett impressions don't work in text. Or even in HTML.

CuriousHamster said...

Thanks for the mention. Very decent of you.