09 August 2006

Fox on the run?

The SSP's Orkney Branch has been the first to nominate (or at least, announce that they've nominated) Tommy Sheridan for the post of National Convener at the Autumn Conference.

Meanwhile, Colin Fox's line is still that the Party should judge him on his record (which isn't all that good, frankly, as I've said before). I saw his interview on Newsnight Scotland last night, and I think the strain (well, it might just be Tommy Sheridan's press offensive, but Fox seemed on the defensive) might be getting to him, judging by his comments about having "stood up to Tommy".

It would be interesting to see how many psychiatrists were watching that interview. And perhaps more interesting to see if any of them have offered Fox their services this morning.

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Will said...

UPDATE: Two more branches have since got behind Sheridan: Buchan and Easter Ross. It's interesting that as yet no branches in the Central Belt have nominated him but it's early days yet.

There are moves afoot to have the entire Executive Committee suspended, but Friday's Herald reported that Sheridan was, ever so slightly, starting to reverse. Given that the News of the World have lodged their appeal, this might not be a bad idea.