14 August 2006

Deacon Blue?

Former Health Minister Susan Deacon has announced that she's stepping down at the coming election: in many ways, Jack McConnell will probably be relieved as she was a fairly persistent critic of his; however, it does pose a problem, as she did keep most of her criticisms private, and now has no need to do so, except out of a sense of loyalty. However, I don't see why she should feel a sense of loyalty to the man who tried to demote her then sacked her when she rejected his offer of the Communities portfolio in 2001.

This naturally creates a vacancy in Edinburgh East & Musselburgh: Kenny MacAskill is the SNP's candidate, and is now the nearest thing to an incumbent candidate in the seat, which might swing some extra votes his way. Tongues are wagging though about the Labour candidate, Iain Gray has been suggested, though his name was mentioned for the vacancy in Glasgow Rutherglen, who selected James Kelly instead.

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