05 January 2006

A brief return to South Ayrshire

The Tory putsch on South Ayrshire Council is now complete: Conservative Councillor Winifred Sloan is the new Lord Provost, thus cementing Tory control, and guaranteeing it regardless of the outcome of next month's By-Election. Even if Labour (or another party who opt to remain aloof from the Conservatives) win on 2 February, there will be 15 Tories on a Council of 30, and it's the Provost who has the casting vote.

Regardless of what you might think, you can't help but be impressed by the Tories' killer instinct. By moving now, they guaranteed their victory. Now, if they gain North Carrick and Maybole East, they have a clear majority (which we knew anyway). If they don't, their ownership of the casting vote keeps them in control.

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