22 November 2005

The Smackdown Files

It's clear that the people at the Home Office don't particularly like Jack McConnell. Our Jack wanted to encourage international students to stay in Scotland after graduation as part of the Fresh Talent Initiative, only for the Home Office to increase the visa renewal costs for non-EU students. Then, Jack had made it quite clear that the Home Office's practice of dawn raids to deport failed asylum seekers went against the grain somewhat in Scotland. Following his repeated criticisms of the system, and pleas for Scotland to be made a special case, the Home Office has decided...to maintain the status quo. The SNP and the Tories are of course demanding a statement to the Parliament so that McConnell can explain the Home Office position.

But don't worry, folks, the relationship between Whitehall and the Executive is 'evolving'!

Egad, if it's like this now, just imagine what'll happen if Alex Salmond makes it to Bute House in 2007, and/or one of the Davids somehow gets into Downing Street in 2009.

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